What is a Buffalo Culture?

Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a particular group of people. 

A buffalo culture is one in which leaders stand out and stand together, unapologetically leading with purpose and people. In a thriving buffalo culture, leaders trust and rely on their peers to help solve problems, create plans, and advance a shared goal for greater purpose.  

Buffalo cultures don’t just happen organically. They require uncommon courage and unwavering intentionality. Buffalo leaders choose to align with the following principles because they know there is truly strength in numbers when facing challenges and opportunities.

We Find A Way

We stay agile and find a way to make things work regardless of circumstances. 

We recognize the quickest path to increased influence is to achieve results. 

We do as much as we can with what we have now to make progress. 

We fail forward, celebrate successes at milestones, and keep looking ahead to the next innovation or improvement.

We head into the storm

No challenge is too big or too small to address head-on before it becomes a bigger issue.

We won’t shy away from unexpected obstacles or changing circumstances. 

We lead and engage in necessary conversations, even if they might be uncomfortable.

We put the mission and results ahead of the near term or our personal comfort.

We enjoy a herd mentality

We win and lose as a team.  

We encourage and cheer each other on to go beyond perceived limitations. 

We empower the best ideas to rise to the top no matter who or where they come from. 

We respect others’ time, so our freedoms or our urgencies do not become someone else’s burdens.

We protect the herd

We value individual health and wholeness over task or project completion. 

We avoid assumptions or misaligned expectations by seeking to understand one other. 

We bring joy, levity, and enthusiasm to our work and our interactions. 

We do not tolerate gossip, sabotage, politics, or whining.

We're always moving

We pivot and adapt when required for the sake of the mission.

We are life-long learners and expect everyone to continually grow. 

We operate in a high-performance mindset and a pace of intensity motivated by our mission.  

We trust that each person will keep up with the rest of the group while also practicing rhythms of rest and retreat.